Quick Start



snap install keystone-cli

This makes the keystone command available as keystone-cli.ks. You might want to create an alias using snap aliases:

snap alias keystone-cli.ks ks

You can then start using ks in your projects.


Keystone is distributed through Homebrew.

1. Add Keystone’s tap

brew tap wearedevx/keystone

2. Install keystone

To install the lastest stable version:

brew install wearedevx/keystone/keystone

You can also install a specific version with:

brew install wearedevx/keystone/[email protected]


Instructions coming soon.

Sign up or login

Once keystone is installed and available as ks, you create or log into an account using ks login.

Start using keystone with your projects

To use Keystone with a project, use ks init:

cd /path/to/your/project
ks init my-awesome-project

It will create:

  • keystone.yaml, metadata about the project, its secrets and files; your VCS should track it (e.g.: git add keystone.yaml && git commit);
  • .keystone, a cache folder that your VCS should ignore (e.g.: echo ".keystone" >> .gitignore).

Read the next chapter to understand how environments work so you can add members and secrets to your projects.

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