Plans & Pricing

Posted October 4, 2021 by Sam ‐ 1 min read

Free or starting at $5/seat/month

Keystone scales with your company. You can start for free and upgrade to the Pro plan at any moment. Works the other way too.

Pro plan is most useful when you need to restrict secrets access to some members in your organization. It’s also a neat way to show your support 🙌

To start a subscription, simply type ks orga upgrade in your terminal.

Billing is managed by Stripe so you will be redirected on a page there.

Free Plan Pro Plan
Price per seat per month 0$ 5$
Unlimited members yes ✅ yes ✅
Unlimited projects yes ✅ yes ✅
Integrations yes ✅ yes ✅
Access control per role no (members are all admins) ❌ yes ✅
Activity logs no ❌ yes ✅

Pricing is per organization.

If you are 5 developers working on differents projects linked to an organisation with PRO plan, you will pay $25/month. Simple & affordable.

Self-hosting and/or custom plan

Self-hosting is free, if you need help regarding your Keystone setup and you think it can help the whole community, please open a Github issue.

If you need a personalized solution, reach us at [email protected] to start a discussion. We will be glad to provide our expertise and our development services.


Sync your environment variables across team members, environments and codebase versions without leaving your terminal.

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